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May 01, 2017 10:30 AM | Women's Network (Administrator)

Frequently Asked Questions/Concerns

My company doesn’t prioritize training, is it really that important?

Many employers believe training is not necessary, and therefore not a priority. However, training actually makes an employee feel more engaged and increases productivity. Additional training provides the employee with greater confidence, increased knowledge and skills and makes them more adaptable. Employees who receive regular training are more satisfied with their jobs and are ultimately more loyal to their employers. True capability is developed over time with reinforcement. Therefore continual training is necessary to keep employees in a state of perpetual learning. Leaders are not born leaders, they are made into leaders with support and training.

I have been told training is too costly, how can I justify the cost to my supervisor/company?

Training is an investment that will last a lifetime. It costs a company more resource to keep untrained, unhappy and less productive employees, than it does to train their current employees. Time, money and resources are needed to fire and rehire. Training empowers employees and increases the likelihood that they will remain in their current roles.


My company does internal training, do we really need outside training?

Absolutely! Employees need to feel safe from retaliation when discussing sensitive topics. Discussing work issues with and among peers can be intimidating. Thus, leadership training outside of the company provides a confidential place to tackle work related issues. Also, it is helpful to learn from your peers and get an outsider's view on issues faced in the workplace. Outside leadership training allows access to new people with new ideas. Further, employees don’t learn in a vacuum and need access to varying forms of learning.

I don’t have the time to add another commitment to my schedule!

Personal growth and discovery ultimately lead to more productive, efficient and timely work habits. Carving out time to build you up can lead to happier and more satisfied outlook. The Women’s Network offers many options for events, training and classes at varies times to help fit into everyone’s busy schedule. This truly is an investment in yourself for your future.

I know of several women’s organizations in the area, what makes the Women’s Network different?

The Women’s Network is not just another networking group! The focus of Women’s Network is authentic leadership training. Building strong relationships with other women is a secondary but important benefit. There are many good organizations for women in our area. Women’s Network uses industry experts to teach and train. Women’s Network focuses on teaching soft and hard skills and provides training on challenges faced specifically by women. We are slowly moving the needle on issues like unconscious bias and wage inequity.

How do I get started?

The best way to get started is to become a member! Once you are a member, you are have access to everything the Women’s Network has to offer, including events, training, CLC classes and networking.  Join today and see how you can take your skills and career to the next level.


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